Maybe the first powerful game " CryptoGladiator" on NEO blockchain is coming soon

Since concept of blockchain has become hot on the Internet from 2017, digitalization of game behavior and assets is generally believed that games will be the most powerful application of blockchain and will be the beginning of large-scale application of blockchain. It seems that this statement is confirmed. Recently, some Internet companies have announced their own blockchain games. Nowadays, another blockchain game worth looking forward to is coming soon. It is a case in the “NEO Blockchain Game Competition” – CryptoGladiator from Shanghai Qu Wei Network.

CryptoGladiator is a reference case for how to efficiently write NEO smart contracts so as to put asserts on chain and dock SDK payment in competition. CryptoGladiator will be launched in the future as the first commercial game in NEO blockchain, causing widespread concern among players and the media. Let us wait and see how blockchain and games can collide with each other.

Beginners of CryptoGladiator

(a) What is NEO blockchain?

NEO is a non-profit community blockchain project. It is a distributed network that uses blockchain technology and digital identities to digitize assets and uses smart contracts to automate it and realize “smart economy”. NEO blockchain enables customers to manage smart assets quickly, efficiently, securely, and legally through a combination of peer-to-peer networks, Byzantine fault tolerance, digital certificates, smart contracts, superconducting transactions, and cross-chain interoperability protocols.

(b) What is CryptoGladiator?

CryptoGladiator is the first commercial game on NEO blockchain. It successfully combines blockchain technology with traditional games. It not only possesses basic features of blockchain technology, but also retains playable elements of traditional games. Blockchain technology guarantees security of online trading for players. At the same time, virtual assets under the name enjoy features of hedging, appreciation, easy retrospective and never disappearing. A virtual asset is a gladiator with various images and capabilities in game. As an employer, players can purchase, sell and clone gladiators in market, or directly put them into arena to earn a lot of GAS currency through game.

CryptoGladiator game features

(a) Smart contracts generate non-homogeneous token assets

Core assets of game are gladiators, and all controlled by smart contracts. For example, assets in traditional games can be arbitrarily tampered with or destroyed by game companies. However, in “CryptoGladiator” where blockchain is decentralized, game rules and data are completely transparent, and smart contracts ensure that assets cannot be tampered with or destroyed, and subvert unfair mechanism of centering traditional games so as to protect interests of players.

(b) Unique Gladiator

Gladiators of smart contract controlled are unique. There are limitless possibilities for combination of 4 attributes, 4 characteristics, 15 weapons, 30 skills, and 8 appearance parts. Therefore, each player has your "out of print" gladiators, which can be preserved and collected. On the other hand, rich combination increases playability and tactics of game. Sophisticated player, with deep understanding of battle system, will purposely purchase gladiators to form his favorite lineup.

(c) Earn GAS by playing games

In game, all fighting process is automatic without operation, but the action taken by gladiator per round is completely random, which will bring a lot of uncertainty to game. Attributes, skills, weapons, lineups and other factors may be the key to winning or losing. If player is more confident in their own strength or likes to gamble the game, they can also send gladiators to participate in arena. Game is divided into 3V3 and 5V5 modes, and corresponding GAS will be collected according to ranking after game is over.

At present, CryptoGladiator is in the final stage of internal testing. It will come to pre-sale activities before launch. Interested players can pay attention to the following communities to obtain first-hand information.

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