Introduction of NeoGas and SGas

NeoGas (Gas) introduction:

The so-called NeoGAS is one of the two native currencies (NEO and NeoGas) built in the non-profit community project. NEOGas (original name ANC) is a kind of fuel token, the largest circulation is one hundred million, and the minimum unit is 0.00000001. It is used to realize the resource control system for NEO network.

In order to realize the economic incentives and prevent abuse of resources, the NEO network needs to charge a certain amount of GAS for transfer of token or operation and storage of smart contract so as to achieve reasonable allocation of resources. As a digital currency, NEOGas has the common character of traditional digital currency in addition to the cost of using NEO network. It can be transferred, saved, appreciated, and traded in exchanges.

SGas introduction:

The so-called SGas is a kind of NEP5 asset, which is bound to the ratio of 1:1 to NeoGas, and the value is always equal. They can be converted to each other, which is similar to an automated token exchange machine. When players invest in Gas, they will get NEP5 tokens Sgas. They can use SGas to consume, and even put SGas into NeoGas. SGas itself, as an intermediate token of game and digital currency, plays the role of transition and connection.