NewEconoLabs launches game CryptoGladiator

NewEconoLabs is setting its benchmark for game development within the NEO game ecosystem with the release of CryptoGladiator, combining the benefits of blockchain technology with traditional game elements.

Gladiators exist in the game as virtual assets, featuring different appearances and abilities. Players can buy, sell and clone gladiators on the market, as well as take them into the arena to compete for GAS prizes.

Blockchain technology guarantees the security of marketplace trading, whilst providing players with 100% ownership of their unique virtual assets.

First video of game:

Four reasons to play CryptoGladiator

Project significance

As CryptoGladiator is the first commercial game to be launched on the NEO blockchain, it is of great significance to the NEO game ecosystem. Its success has the potential to pave the way for the future development of games on the platform. CryptoGladiator was created by a group of experienced game developers who have strived to set a high benchmark for the NEO game ecosystem.

Platform advantage

Compared with Ethereum, games built on the NEO blockchain have two main advantages: Firstly, there is no charge for each transaction within the game. Secondly, the transactions per second (TPS) of the NEO network far exceeds that of Ethereum, allowing for faster confirmations in game.

Techincal quality

On July 20th, CryptoGladiator won second prize in the NEO Blockchain Black Horse Competition. Lin Pengtao, director of research and development of NEO Global Development (NGD), was one of the competition judges and gave CryptoGladiator high praise. He noted the game is outstanding both in terms of technological advancement and integrity and that he is very optimistic about its future development.


CryptoGladiator opened its pre-sale on July 25. The sale was scheduled to last 9 days, however all gladiators were sold out within hours. 352 rare gladiators were available for purchase and were sold out in 8 hours, whilst the 76 available high-level rare gladiators were snapped up in just 10 minutes. Since then, the project has received a large number of petitions from domestic and international users to hold a second pre-sale. As of today, its registered users exceed 2,000 people.

Official website: