Clone gameplay in CryptoGladiator

Basic ways to clone:

The clone function in game refers to the process by which two gladiators are placed in a clone room, thereby creating a new one. The new gladiators will inherit the genes from previous generations.

To compete in official contests for GAS prizes, players will need to collect at least five gladiators for 5v5 battles. However, 1v1 and 3v3 training modes are also available.

Gladiators can be obtained through market trading or a cloning process, where two gladiators combine their genes to create new gladiators. Players can sell the rights for others to use their gladiators as part of the cloning process, with gladiators featuring rare abilities expected to demand higher prices. 8,640 generation 0 gladiators will be available for purchase at game launch for approximately 1 – 2 GAS each.

In cloning, two ex-gladiators can be chosen, or one from your own and the other from players in the market, in other words, if cloning is to be done, it must have a gladiator of your own.

The generation number of a newborn gladiator equals the maximum of generation of two origin gladiators then adds one, for example, when a 2 and 3-generation gladiators were cloned, the cloned of the gladiator was 3 + 1, or 4. There is no upper limit to generation.

Clone Operation:

1) select the gladiators you need to clone in My Gladiator or market then click clone.

2) select two gladiators who need to be cloned and enter the Clone Room automatically.

3) once information is confirmed, click clone and confirm, then the system will deduct the cost of cloning and generate a new gladiator in My Gladiator.

Clone Cool Down time:

After cloning, the two ex-gladiators for cloning will not disappear, but cool down time will be carried out during which the gladiators can not be cloned. As the generation increases, so does the cool down time. In other words, the more clones you do, the slower it gets.

The following is a detailed table of the relationship between generations and the cool down time of cloning:

A gladiator's generation affects its initial clone cooldown time if the gladiator completes a clone, though its generation will not change, but his cool down time automatically becomes the time of the next generation.

For example, if a player clones a 4-generation gladiator with 2-generation gladiator and 3-generation gladiator,its CD time is 120 minutes (as shown in the table) , if the 4-generation gladiator is cloned with other gladiators, its CD time will be 240 minutes, time of the 5-generation gladiators.

CD time can not longer than 15,300 minutes, even if the gladiator's generation exceeds 18, or has been cloned more than 18 times.

Amount of skills and weapons:


Cloning requires a certain amount of cost, and if the ownership of the two gladiators used for your own, the cost is 0.05Gas, and if one of the gladiators comes from other players rented in the market, so the cost is 0.05Gas and hiring cost.

Significance of cloning:

Since newborn gladiators inherit more genes from ex-generation, the attributes and appearance of the new gladiators are often closer to one of the two previous ones.

It is suggested that players should choose gladiator with a strong attribute and desired appearance, weapon, and skill, so that the cloned gladiator have a higher probability of liking.