CryptoGladiator released with huge transactions in the first day

Game CryptoGladiator was officially launched at 10:00 on August 13th. The frequency of transactions in the first day reached 5,600 times and the maximum number of online users exceeded 2,000.

As a large number of players landed on the server on August 13th, thousands of gladiators appeared in the market (Gladiator is the virtual asset in the game), and players who got the gladiator in advance through pre-sale were busy with cloning or leasing, and most of the players who don't have gladiators are crazy to refresh the market and buy their favorite gladiators at any cost. A player who bought a rare gladiator (worth 4.99GAS) during the pre-sale said that after game launched, he thought that no one would buy it in 50GAS, but it was sold out in several seconds.

However, despite its popularity, the game's problems are also very prominent. Insufficient stability of the server is also one of the shortcomings. Although the official was complained by the players who love this game, more players expressed understanding and trust and were willing to wait for the server to be completely fixed.

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