How to earn GAS coins in CryptoGladiator

CryptoGladiator is the first commercial game on NEO blockchain, which successfully combines blockchain technology with traditional games. Blockchain technology guarantees safety of online trading. The virtual asset is the gladiator in game. Players can earn a lot of GAS coins in market by buying, selling and cloning gladiators.

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Understand the value of gladiators

Gladiators with rare looks, powerful types, weapons and skills have a higher value.

Earn price differences by selling

Selling the ownership of gladiators is a very direct way to earn income. The core idea is to earn price differences and drive down cost of getting a gladiator.

Gain revenue through cloning

There are two ways to benefit from cloning. One is to sell gladiator's cloning rights in market. The other way is to clone your own gladiator and create a new gladiator and then sell or rent them.

Rewards through competitions

In CryptoGladiator, the main source of getting GAS is the game ranking. The gameis a single elimination system, and rewards are issued in order according to the ranking.

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