CryptoGladiator wins second prize in NEO Blockchain Black Horse competition

On July 20th, the award ceremony for the 2018 Shanghai Maker-NEO Blockchain Black Horse competition was held at the Shanghai IPO club. The event was sponsored by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, INNOMAKER and NEO, with invitations extended to more than 10 blockchain project teams. The list of winners was announced with a trophy plaque awarded to the winning team on the spot. CryptoGladiator, a blockchain game that has received much attention from the industry, lived up to expectations and was awarded second place.

The purpose of the competition was to discover quality blockchain projects and encourage outstanding developers to participate in the construction of the NEO ecosystem. As CryptoGladiator is considered by NewEconoLabs (NEL) to be the benchmark for NEO game development, many expected the project to achieve good results. Lin Pengtao, NEO Global Developement (NGD) R&D director, expressed his high appreciation for CryptoGladiator and considers it to be advanced in both integrity and technology. Lin was very optimistic about the future developments of the project.

According to Zhang Fan, CryptoGladiator producer, the game combines the benefits of blockchain technology with traditional game elements. Gladiators exist as virtual assets, featuring different appearances and abilities. Players can buy, sell and clone gladiators on the market, as well as take them into the arena to compete for GAS prizes. Blockchain technology guarantees the security of marketplace trading, whilst providing players with 100% ownership of their unique virtual assets.

Zhang Fan also noted three advantages of developing CryptoGladiator on the NEO blockchain: One, there are no fees for transactions; two, the transactions per second (TPS) exceeds that of other chains, and; three, it’s an easy platform to develop games on. Zhang believes that these three factors will help games achieve their development and adoption goals, which is a win-win for the prosperity of NEO game ecosystem.

Finally, Zhang Fan revealed that CryptoGladiator will open its pre-sale in the near future, with the official launch time likely to be early August.

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