CryptoGladiator: Benchmark project for NEO-based games opens pre-sale

CryptoGladiator is NEL’s benchmark for game development within the NEO game ecosystem. It combines the benefits of blockchain technology with traditional game elements.

Blockchain technology guarantees the security of marketplace trading, whilst providing players with 100% ownership of their unique virtual assets.

About pre-sale

We believe that CryptoGladiator will become the first phenomena-level game on the NEO blockchain. To reward those who have been following and supporting the CryptoGladiator project, we will be distributing one free basic gladiator to our community members before the official game launch.

We will also hold a pre-sale from the 25th of July, 9 A.M.(UTC+8) to 3rd of August 9 A.M.(UTC+8). The pre-sale will provide an opportunity for the public to purchase rare gladiators with top battle abilities and collectible value.

Pre-sale time: 25th of July, 9 A.M.(UTC+8) to 3rd of August 9 A.M.(UTC+8)

Pre-sale content: Senior Rare Gladiator and Rare Gladiator

Pre-sale official website:

Advantages of pre-sale gladiator:

1. Rare configurations: In CryptoGladiator, rare skills and weapons are mainly obtained through the cloning process. The probability of cloning a gladiator with the skills and weapons of the pre-sale gladiators is very low. However, gladiators cloned from pre-sale gladiators will have a greater probability of inheriting rare skills and weapons.

2. High-value stats: Non-pre-sale Generation 0 gladiators have base attributes of around 50 points, whilst the base attributes of the pre-sale gladiators are all 88 points and all 78 points.

3. Potential to generate profit: As all the base qualities of the pre-sale gladiators are quite strong, they are likely to have a high market value, and are also more likely to earn you GAS through arena battles.

You can get the latest information on CryptoGladiator through the following channels, or contact the administrator for help if you have any problems.

Official website: