All you need to know about pre-sale

1.About CryptoGladiator

CryptoGladiator is NEL’s benchmark for game development within the NEO game ecosystem. Itcombines the benefits of blockchain technology with traditional game elements.

Gladiators exist in the game as virtual assets, featuring different appearances and abilities. Players can buy, sell and clone gladiators on the market, as well as take them into the arena to compete for GAS prizes.

Blockchain technology guarantees the security of marketplace trading, whilst providing players with 100% ownership of their unique virtual assets.

2.How to create a BlackCat wallet

Log in to the official website of CryptoGladiator and register for your BlackCat account.

After completing the registration, player can choose to create a wallet, or select an existing NEO wallet file to import, so that assets in wallet can be directly used, and the created wallet will be bound to player's game account after completion.

Clicking on Create Wallet will prompt the player to create a wallet password. The wallet password is very important. It is a voucher for verifying the identity of its owner. Once lost, it cannot be retrieved. For security reasons, don't reveal your password to anyone.

After completing the above operations, player will enter the wallet page and a BlackCat wallet will be created.

3.How to use your wallet

A.View information and account cancellation

Click on the small avatar in the upper left corner of the wallet page to enter the personal information page.

Here you can modify the avatar, nickname and gender information.

Clicking on the account to log out of the current account, the player can log out and log in to other accounts.

B. View wallet information and wallet file export

Click on the wallet page Details to see the details of the signed wallet

The details of wallet are divided into Address and Public key. The secret key is very important. It is one of the credentials that can verify the wallet user. Please keep it safely and do not disclose it to avoid property damage.

Click the "Export Wallet" button at the bottom of the page to directly export and download the wallet file. The wallet file is an important file that stores the key information. Please ensure that it is confidential and prevent leakage. As long as you have a wallet file, players can still log in and use their wallet if they change the NEO wallet type and change the device.

C. Receive and transfer Gas

Click the "Receive" button on the wallet page, the address of the wallet will be displayed, and the transferee will transfer the GAS to that address.

Clicking the "Transfer" button on the wallet page will ask the user to enter the address to be transferred. After the input is completed, the digital asset can be transferred to it after completing the password verification.

4. How to buy rare gladiators

When players’ BlackCat wallet already has a full amount of GAS coins, they can participate in the pre-sale purchase activity. They can start to buy gladiator only through clicking on gladiator category, and GAS can be used to complete the purchase operation.

The Gladiator appearances, skills and weapons displayed on the pre-sales page are for display only. It does not represent the real state after purchase. The appearances, skills and weapon types that the player ultimately acquires are random. But the basic attributes, skill, weapon quality and number will not change.

5. The reason for pre-sale gladiator

A. Rarely Skills and Weapons: Rare skills and weapons are mainly obtained by cloning. The probability of all rare types is extremely low, and the generation will have a greater probability of possessing more rare skills and weapons through cloning.

B. High basic attributes: Non-pre-sale 0 generation gladiators have basic attributes at around 50 points, the two-level gladiators in pre-sale have basic attributes for all 88 points and all 78 points. Moreover, the high attribute value of the gladiator is also easier to obtain high attribute points generation. In addition to the high sold price of in the game, you can also earn a lot of GAS by participating in arena competition.