About competition gameplay

"CryptoGladiator" is divided into training and formal competitions. Participating formal competition is one of the important ways to earn GAS in game, and it is also embodiment of the value of gladiator.

Training mode:

In the "Arena" function, after player selects one of his own gladiator groups, he can freely challenge other gladiators to conduct training sessions.

Carrying out training game is an effective way to detect gladiator's ability, and it is completely free. Player can continue to conduct battles and tests to determine whether gladiator's strength is worthy of being sent to formal competitions.

Formal mode:

The formal competition is 5V5 mode, there are three levels: gold cup, silver cup and copper cup. There are differences in registration fee and award amount for the three levels of competition.

Competition Stage Registration Fee of GAS Champion Award Runner-up Reward 3~4th Rewards 5~8th Rewards
Gold Cup 5 SGAS 15.6 SGAS 10 SGAS 7 SGAS 0
Silver Cup 1 SGAS 3.42 SGAS 2 SGAS 1.25 SGAS 0
Copper Cup 0.25 SGAS 0.85 SGAS 0.55 SGAS 0.25 SGAS 0

Participation in competition requires players to have at least 5 gladiators, and edited into a team to participate in competition. Game needs to pay a certain registration fee when the match is full of 8 people directly start game.

The game is elimination system. After the start, two pairs will start to fight. One will win and the loser will be eliminated immediately. The winner will advance and fight with another promotion until the final.

Points of formal competitions:

At present, all the competitions are started regularly. After registration is completed, players can completely ignore them. They can check the results and battle reports in the game records.

The competition is divided into a variety of grades to meet the needs of different bounty users, please carefully confirm registration fee and amount of GAS reward before signing up.

The formal competitions can not only reflect practical value of gladiator but also gives players a way to earn bonuses while enjoying the fun of competition.