About skills

Source of skills:

Like weapon system, the skill is acquired by inheriting, or by cloning.

Type of skill:

Gladiators also have a lot of skills, but they can be divided into three types: Passive, Dynamic, Active

Passive Skills: Certain attributes can be expanded when triggered

Dynamic Skills: Only triggered when attacked

Active Skills: Only triggered when active attack is performed on the other party

Skill rarity:

From the perspective of rarity, types of skills can also be divided into two types, rare skills and common skills.

The rare skill icon is purple, while the common skill icon is white, and rare skill is higher than the ordinary one in attribute increase effect.

Analysis of skills:

During the battle, gladiators have a certain probability to release their skills. Once skills are released they will enter 5 rounds of CD time. Therefore, gladiators with more than one skill is more helpful to battle.

In addition, some skills and weapons have a phase combination, and effect is better when used together, such as: "Spear attack increased skill" with spear weapons.