About attributes

All the gameplay and content in " CryptoGladiator " is built around gladiator, so understanding its character system and knowing various attributes is the key to being able to pick favorite character.

The attributes of a character are divided into battle attributes and feature attributes.

First, the battle attribute:

Battle attributes can be divided into basic attributes, element attributes, character weapons, and character skills.

1 Basic attributes:

The basic attributes are divided into four types of attributes: HP, strength, speed, and agility.

HP: It affects the level of life of character

Agility: It affects character's hit rate and a small amount of damage

Speed: It affects combo effect and order of attack shots

Strength: It Influences character's damage

2 Element attributes:

The element attributes are divided into four types: Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind, and they can restrain against each other.

Earth: +25% bonus damage against Water

Water: +25% bonus damage against Fire

Fire: +25% bonus damage against Wind

Wind: +25% bonus damage against Earth

20% more damage if all team members (above 3) are of the same type.

3 Weapons:

When a gladiator has a certain weapon, it will have a chance to trigger in each of its own rounds. It can enhance gladiator's ability, such as attack, hit and counterattack.

The weapon has a probability to throw out during process of holding and to cause damage to the opponent. After loss of weapon, the increase effects will disappear.

4 Skills:

Gladiator's skill is an important factor in the diversification of battle process. It will be triggered randomly during the battle.

There is a wide variety of skills and diverse effects. Some skills can increase their own attributes, weaken opponent's strength, control other's role, and even can hit high damage in an instant to achieve a reversal effect......

Understanding and using of skills are one of the key points to improve your winning percentage. How to choose gladiators with skills and arrange lineup is a player's need to always consider.

Second, the feature attributes:

Feature attributes are divided into generation appearance, profile label

1 Generation:

When two gladiators gave birth to their offspring by cloning, generation number of new gladiator will be based on the higher one of two gladiators and will plus 1 on this basis. Official gladiators are not cloned, so its generation is 0.

2 Appearance:

A Gladiator's shape consists of the following parts: hair, beard, eyebrows, face (eyes, nose, mouth), face decoration, suit (shoulders, wristbands, breastplates, belts, pants, knee pads, shoes), skin tone .

The difference in appearance is also one of the factors that make up the price of gladiator. Gladiator with a rare appearance is naturally more popular.When a gladiator is born by cloning, there is a greater probability of inheriting the shape feature of the gene source.

3 Profile label:

A gladiator will have differences in basic attributes when it is generated, and this difference will be reflected in gladiator's profile and feature tags. For example, a gladiator with a higher HP will get a "blood skin" in its profile, and "full blood" in the feature label column.