About clone

Cloning basic conditions:

1 Cloning requires at least two gladiators to work together, and at least one of the gladiators is your own.

2 Gladiators cannot clone with their own genetic sources when pairing.

3 There is a certain processing fee for cloning.

Clone specific operations:

Select a gladiator in "My Gladiator" and click on Clone, then select "My Gladiator" or "Market" to rent a gladiator. Click on the clone function and enter the clone room. Confirm after the gladiator information is correct, you can click on clone directly.

Cloning analysis:

Clone can create a new gladiator through cooperation of two gladiators. The new one can inherit some of genes from its genetic source, thus probabilistically inheriting weapons and skills of previous generation. But the ones will also change, with skills and weapons that are not available from source of gene. In addition, basic attributes of gladiator are also affected by source of gene.

In addition to increasing the number of gladiators, cloning is an important way to gain a powerful gladiator.

Since ability of cloned gladiator is affected by attributes of gene source itself, ideal cloning strategy is to use features including "satisfied rare appearance", "higher basic attributes", "desired rare skills" "desired rare weapons" to clone.

In addition to being able to use it yourself, it can also be sold to other players through the market to earn GAS revenue.