About weapons

Sources of weapons:

For players, there are two ways to obtain a weapon. One is to purchase gladiator with this weapon in market, including in official Zero Generation Market. The other is to find a gladiator with this weapon and create a new gladiator by cloning. The new gladiator will inherit some genes from the previous generation and will have a greater probability of passing on to the weapon.

Type of weapon:

Gladiators have a big number of weapons, but they can be divided into two types: throwing weapons and holding weapons.

Throwing weapon means that after its appearance, it will be thrown away by gladiator immediately in 100%.

Holding weapon means that after its appearance, gladiator will immediately hold it. It can enhance character of gladiator and attack effect of that character, but it will be invalid after holding two rounds.

Weapon rarity:

From the perspective of rarity, weapons can be divided into two types, rare and ordinary weapons.

Rare weapon icons have a purple background, while ordinary weapon icons have a white background, and rare weapons have a higher attribute amplification than ordinary one.

Weapons, and Attributes Differences please refer to information sheet.

Analysis of weapon:

During the battle, gladiator has a certain probability to take out weapon to attack, and after taking out weapon, there are two rounds of use restrictions, and then can gladiator only wait for the next weapon to appear.

Weapons may interact with certain skills. For example, when you use Hammer weapons, if you trigger the "Hammer Storm" skill, it will cause a lot of damage to enemy. If the other party triggers the "Destruction" skill, your weapon may also be knocked down by the other party...