Battle techniques

In CryptoGladiator, competition is very important. You can earn a high amount of Gas bonus by participating in competition and it is one of the ways for the to get Gas. Therefore, how to improve battle winning rate is especially important.

The combat mode used in game is 5V5. When during the battle, whoever has the highest speed will attack first. When attacking, it will attack the front row first. After the front row is killed, it will attack the back row. Therefore, you would better choose three gladiators in front row with better physical strength and more defensive skills and two gladiators in back row with higher speed and more aggressive skills.

The element attributes are divided into four types: Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind, and they can restrain against each other.

Earth: +25% bonus damage against Water

Water: +25% bonus damage against Fire

Fire: +25% bonus damage against Wind

Wind: +25% bonus damage against Earth

No element attribute without restraint

20% more damage if all team members (above 3) are of the same type.

From the effect calculation, we can see that when entire team members have the same attributes, damage will be increased by 20%. This advantage is relatively large. It is only at a disadvantage when the other party also has the same attributes and restrains its own attributes. (Of course, this disadvantage is also relatively large). Since gladiator in game is a random match, even if you use the same attribute lineups, probability of matching the whole opposite lineups is not so high. Therefore, when collecting powerful gladiators, collect as many attributes as possible.

Those above are some of techniques that are easily overlooked. Of course, the ones most influential to outcome of battle are attributes of gladiator itself. Gladiator with higher value of attribute, rarer skills and more weapons will always be your best choice.