• CryptoGladiator

    As a game which combines blockchain technology with traditional game elements, CryptoGladiator provide players not only with innovative concept, but also with original fun.

  • Character system

    All of the characters here are made by blockchain technology and you have 100% ownership of them. They are unique and cannot be copied, carried away or destroyed. Each gladiator has their own information of attributes/skills/weapons/appearance/features. Some special character combinations that appear during the game have high collection values.

  • Trade system

    Players can sell their gladiators to others for earning GAS in the market, and gladiators with better attributes and features are much easier to be brought by others.

  • Clone system

    The cloning function is to combine two gladiator genes to create a new gladiator. The new one can also inherit some genes from source gladiators when generating new genes, and may even mutate its own special genes to obtain better characteristics. Players can lease their gladiators which have better genes on the market to other players so as to earn GAS.

  • Competition system

    Players can participate in competition with a small amount of application fee and gain corresponding GAS bonus according to your ranking when round is over. When you obtain competition fun, your gladiators with rare attributes can also embody their applied values.

  • Battle system

    The battle is automatic mode and the key to outcome of the fight is not only strength of gladiators but your team configuration.